Eu-wanda Eagans


Eu-wanda Eagans joined Northwest Harvest as the Chief Operating Officer in 2013. She has an extensive background in operations and program management through years of experience at companies such as Energizer Battery Co. and General Motors Corporation, as well as with the Washington State Government. She engages with all of the agency’s operations, including procurement, warehousing, distribution and transportation. Eu-wanda is also an avid volunteer and enjoys keeping busy by helping her favorite causes achieve their missions.  

Lisa Chen

feest chen.jpg

By way of California, FEEST Executive Director Lisa Chen has planted roots in the Pacific Northwest as a volunteer youth mentor at the Service Board and a union organizer focused on empowering working class communities of color. Her political identity stems directly from growing up as the only child of an immigrant single mother where she saw first hand how limited English workers were treated unfairly. In her career, Lisa has led student campaigns against fee increases at the University of California, organized undocumented youth in the fight for comprehensive immigration reform, and worked alongside radical housekeepers to demand better working conditions. She has a special place in her heart for youth work, and believes deeply that transformative breakthroughs in young people will shift our communities to act from a place of love instead of fear.

Lisa trying new soup recipes, hiking in the Cascades, and attempting to train for her first marathon this summer. Also she’s patiently waiting for pumpkin season to come back to feed her endless pie craving.

Almeta Tulloss

almeta tulloss.jpg

Before taking the helm at Athens, GA-based Seed Life Skills with chef Hugh Acheson, Almeta Tulloss studied design and communications at Georgia State University, performing in Atlanta and New York and utilizing Shakespeare to teach literacy in Atlanta public schools. She briefly managed Cafe Campesino's organic coffee bar in the Sweet Aurburn Curb Market before leaving Atlanta to work on sustainable small farms in rural north Georgia.

While earning her B.S.C.F.S in Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Georgia, she worked for the Athens Land Trust as the Local Food Coordinator doing farmer outreach in rural Georgia communities, and promoting farm to school education. Nutritious food and education are two of her greatest passions, and she someday hopes to be a lunch lady. 

Dr. Stephen Jones

steve jones.JPG

Stephen Jones is a wheat breeder and the Director of the The Bread Lab. Stephen has a PhD in Genetics from the University of California at Davis and teaches graduate courses in advanced classical genetics and in the history and ethics of genetics. His first wheat crop was on five acres at Chico State University’s student farm in 1977.

Together with his graduate students he breeds wheat and other grains for local uses to be grown on small farms in the coastal West, the upper Northeast and other regions of the country. The Bread Lab is a combination think tank and baking laboratory where scientists, bakers, chefs, farmers, maltsters, brewers, distillers and millers experiment with improved flavor, nutrition and functionality of regional and obscure wheats, barley, other small grains and beans.

Sara Morris


Sara Morris is President of The Beecher's Foundation. She brings 25 years’ experience as an organizational leader in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Prior to joining Sound Food Uprising, Sara was President and CEO of the Alliance for Education from 2010 to 2016. In this role, she reported to a 30-member Board of Directors and managed a 15-member staff and $5 million annual budget. Bringing together the charitable resources of Seattle’s business and philanthropic community to support more than 53,000 students in Seattle’s public schools, Sara stewarded the organization as an independent voice and external catalyst for change in urban public education. 

Sara began her career as a communications aide in the White House during the Clinton Administration and subsequently held leadership positions in the public and private sectors, including Group Marketing Manager at; Director of Marketing at OVP Venture Partners; Executive Director of TechNet Northwest; and Executive Staff Director to the Superintendent’s Committee for Excellence at Seattle Public Schools.

Kurt Beecher Dammeier


A fourth generation Puget Sound native, Kurt Beecher Dammeier joined the food community in 1999 by forming Sugar Mountain, a family of food businesses including Beecher’s Handmade Cheese in Seattle and New York City and South Lake Union steakhouse The Butcher's Table. 

In 2006, Kurt launched The Beecher's Foundation, funded by the ongoing donation of 1% of all sales from Sugar Mountain companies. The Foundation operates an adult food ed program, Sound Food Uprising, and the Pure Food Kids Workshop, which over the past decade has empowered more than 100,000 4th and 5th grade students in the Puget Sound area and New York City to make healthy food choices for life. 


Zach Silk

zach silk.JPG

Zach Silk is the President and Chief Troublemaker for Civic Ventures. He oversees strategy, outreach, and policy development.

He is an experienced civic leader and entrepreneur. Silk’s most notable recent successes include managing the successful campaign to pass and defend Washington State’s marriage equality law in 2012 (Approve Referendum 74) and co-founding the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility and managing Initiative 594, the successful ballot measure that requires background checks on all gun sales. 

Dr. Ben Danielson


Along with two sisters, Dr. Ben Danielson was raised by an amazing single mom who instilled in him an appreciation for the value of education and a desire to be a contributing member of the community. In college he decided being a doctor was a good melding of scientific and human service interests. After finishing his undergraduate studies in Boston, Dr. Danielson’s medical education, residency and career have all been spent in Seattle.

Dr. Danielson has been the medical director of the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic since 1999. He works along side dedicated, talented staff who strive to uphold the clinic’s enduring tradition of growing wellness through quality care with dignity, community engagement, honoring culture and sustaining trust. He also works on the inpatient service at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

In addition, he is on the county’s board of health, the state’s health exchange board, various boards of philanthropic organizations, and works with several community groups. Dr. Danielson believes that an opportunity to serve an individual or a community is a cherished privilege. He also ascribes to the truism that health is more than healthcare and that any healthcare provider who strives to improve health must be active beyond the realm of their medical practice.

Eric Tanaka


Eric Tanaka is partner and chef at Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen. He has been an essential voice and partner in the growth and successes of this leading Seattle restaurant company. Affectionately known as “ET” within the company, Tanaka’s ability to transform Tom’s ideas and interests into iconic dishes and innovative restaurants is well known and led to the James Beard award for Best Chef Northwest in 2004.

In his twenty-year journey with Tom Douglas, Eric has grown to be a mentor for all cooks and helped open twelve additional Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen restaurants, including TanakaSan, inspired by Eric’s Japanese-American heritage.

Tom Douglas

Tom Douglas bio.JPG

Tom Douglas, Seattle-based chef, has been cooking up Pacific Northwest cuisine since 1984, opening his own restaurant, Dahlia Lounge, in 1989. For the last 30 years, he’s made a name for himself alongside business partner and wife Jackie Cross and business partner (since 2006) Eric Tanaka by opening 13 full-service restaurants; an event space, Palace Ballroom; a cooking school, Hot Stove Society; and a product line including rubs, spices and knives. Beyond the restaurants, the James Beard Outstanding Restauranteur award winner has a weekly radio show, Seattle Kitchen, where he talks food, wine, and anything else that’s on his mind. The recognizable chef, self-described as “middle-aged, tall, and round”, can be found at any of his restaurants on a given day putting in the work to create a successful restaurant group. As he reminds himself and his staff, “no one can out effort us.”