Trudy Bialic

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Trudy Bialic is the Director of Public Affairs & Quality Standards for PCC Community Markets. She came to Seattle and the food movement 25 years ago, out of radio and tv news when the network said it wouldn’t fund a series on the hidden facts of the food industry. Using her investigative background, she became a fierce consumer advocate for the right to know how foods are produced — and the right to an informed choice.

She has created food standards where none existed, testified before local and national hearings, and led initiatives for transparent labeling, strong organic standards, sustainable seafood, animal welfare, and fair labor practices. She has pioneered standards against toxic additives in body care products and food, and aims to eliminate non-compostable plastic packaging. She was named to the Grassroots Hall of Fame, received the Citizen Advocate Award, and, co-chaired our state campaign to label GE foods in 2013. She has served on the Non-GMO Project board for several years. Trudy got her B.A. at Yale University. Fresh, crusty bread and butter is her favorite food.