Shawn Mead

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Shawn Mead Currently Shawn is the proud co-owner of Vif wine|coffee, a small café/natural wine shop in the Upper Fremont neighborhood. Here, with her partner, Lauren Feldman, she shares her love and knowledge of natural wines with clients, staff and colleagues.

Prior to opening Vif Shawn’s career focused on small, philosophically inspired establishments that believed strongly in food and wine being at the center of a healthy community and society. She has worked in restaurants ranging from small independent cafés to high-end destination restaurants in positions from server and host to wine director and manager.

In each of her jobs, Shawn was involved with the wine program and staff education. She truly honed her personal palate when she became the wine director at Campagne and Café Campagne in Seattle. Through this position she began to travel to wine regions, meet producers and better understand the importance of how growing practices, place and production relate to taste and more subtly, satisfaction. This understanding led to a more intense focus on “natural wine.”

After leaving Campagne, Shawn moved on to work in wine retail at McCarthy & Schiering Wine Merchants on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle after which she was hand selected to work as the national sales representative for “real wine” importer Louis/Dressner Selections in New York. Shawn spent five years with Louis/Dressner working nationally and internationally, cultivating vast professional and personal connections to wine producers, restaurateurs, retailers and importers. This great experience focused Shawn’s appreciation for the warmth that a simple meal with real wine brings as well as her commitment to connecting farmers to people, people to people and most importantly, people to joy.